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As you can see from the map, Portugal is a country in Southern Europe on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsular.  The country has a total population of 9,560,000 and Lisbon is the capital city with a population of 828,000. 

This is a view of Lisbon, the Tejo River and in the distance you can see the bridge that crosses it.

‘Boca do Inferno’ or Mouth of Hell since the water roars into the cave.

Here are Elsa and Birgit.  Dylan would be proud to have a coat like Elsa's.

Here I am by the rocky Atlantic coast.

This Cabo Da Roca, the most Westerly Point in Europe

Here I am trying out the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some cats at a postcard shop.

This is the ruin of the Church of Our Lady of Carmo Hill.  It was destroyed in the earthquake of 1755.

The Pantheon.  Inside this building are some the tombs of some of the most famous Portuguese.

This is the tomb of Amália Rodrigues inside the Pantheon. Amália was a famous fado singer, a type of Portuguese folk music.

Here is a view looking down into the Pantheon.

Steps, steps, steps - Lisbon.

Here are the plants and trees around the Castle of Saint Jorge.

Here I am grooming Elsa.

This is a modern area of Lisbon where there are thousands of restaurants and lots of strange looking buildings.

This is another cat that I met.

We visited the  Oceanário de Lisbon (Aquarium) and then went on a cable car from which I took this picture.