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During the War there were shortages of many foodstuffs in the South, what with being cut off from the supplies of wheat from the North and with transportation problems caused by those Yankees tearing up the railroads.  The blockade of the 3,000 mile Southern coast by the Union navy did not help matters either.  With limited resources the South had not only the civilian population to feed, but also keep the troops in the field supplied.  Southerners just had to make the best of what they had and they came up with some very interesting recipes.
    One recipe from the War that will not be listed here is for ‘Acorn Coffee’.  You have to roast acorns in a little oil and then grind them up to use as coffee.  I tried it, and well, it does taste a little bit like coffee and would be fine if you had nothing else, but I could not really recommend it.

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